Sleep Divorce

“When we are not well rested, we overreact to the smallest things…we don’t make good decisions.”  – Jessica O’Reilly, 2015

Chronic short sleeping has become a widespread phenomenon, and it turns out that is may be a contributing factor to the rising divorce rates. Yes, sleep deprivation makes you incapable of having a happy relationship, romantic or otherwise, for the following reasons:

  1. It hurts your sense of humor. Humor requires a high level of cognition- which is impaired by lack of sleep. This is a problem that caffeine can’t solve.
  2.  People who sleep poorly tend to display negative emotions, are more distracted, reckless, snappy, crabby and more prone to taking dangerous risks. It makes you less thankful, with even lesser empathy. Ha ha.
  3. It impairs our decision making skills, by affecting the pre frontal cortex, i.e. the part of our brains that is in charge of executive functioning (high level decision making that involves considering future consequences).
  4. It kills your sex drive. Beauty sleep is a real thing and without it you feel less attractive, less healthy, more stressed and lack energy. It hikes our cortisol stress hormone by upto 45% and makes us over emotional too.
  5. It makes you feel unappreciated, and generally unhappy and dissatisfied with your relationships.
  6. It takes a toll on your conflict resolution skills. That combined with the touchiness and snappy frame of mind leads to a crazy amount of fights.

What is Sleep Divorce, you ask?

Sleep divorce is when couples choose to sleep in separate rooms or even beds. Believe it or not, studies show that this could actually be good for a relationship. Hilarious. It helps you sleep better, which makes you a more attentive partner, which makes your partner feel better and sleep better and voila, we have a happy relationship!

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